WOD 8.11.19 (MG)

PRO/R00KIES: EMOM 1st 45 sec MAX m Row, 2nd 10 Strict Hand Stand Push Ups, 3rd 15/10 Box Jumps, 4th 200 m Run, 5th REST.

A.4 Super Sets 40 m backward Sled Drag + 40 m Farmer Carry.
B.3 Super Sets 20 m Waiters Walking Lunges every 10 m switch sides + 30 Sec max lateral steps with band 2 Steps left,2 right.
C.4 Super Sets 5 Barbell Shoulder Press + 12 Arnold Press.
D.3 Super Sets 12 Barbell Curls + 12 Narrow Grip dumbbell tricep presses.
E. 3 Tri Set 10 Strict Toes to Bar, 16 obligue GHD Sit Ups, 30 Sec Side Plank each side (raise the leg if possible)

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