WOD 22.11.19 (MGW)

PRO/R00KIES: 20 min EMOM 1st 45 Sec Max Ski Erg, 2nd 45 Sec Max Renegade Rows RX 20 kg, 3rd 45 Sex Max Wall Ball Shots, 4th 45 Sec Max DU, 5th REST.

A.4 Super Sets 40 m backward Sled Drag + 40 m Farmer Carry.
B.3 Super Sets 20 m Waiters Walking Lunges every 10 m switch sides + 30 Sec max lateral steps with band 2 Steps left,2 right.
C.4 Super Sets 5 Barbell Shoulder Press + 12 Arnold Press.
D.3 Super Sets 12 Barbell Curls + 12 Narrow Grip dumbbell tricep presses.
E. 3 Tri Set 10 Strict Toes to Bar, 16 obligue GHD Sit Ups, 30 Sec Side Plank each side (raise the leg if possible)

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