The Chief WOD 31.8.19 (GW)

Five 3 min AMRAPs in 19 minutes
AMRAP 3 min
3 Power Cleans RX 60 kg
6 Push-Ups
9 Air Squats
Then Rest 1 minute
Repeat 5 times

ENDURANCE: 5 Rounds of 1st min Max Cal Assault, 2nd min REST, 3rd min Max Cal Row, 4th min REST, 5th min Max Burpees. REST 3 min Between Rounds.

A. 4*8 Bench Press
B 4*20 m Farmer load Walking Lunges
C. Super Sets 3*12 Arnold shoulder press 3*20 Ring Rows
D. Triset 40 Mountain climbers, 30 Crunches, 15 sec Hanging L Hold

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